Dear Customer,

Specialty of Spices Chef is delicious food prepared with innovative use of organic spices and herbs. Except spices all other ingredients used are fresh from local sources.

Spices Chef delivers it's services independently as well as in partnership with innovative restaurants, schools and food businesses.

Spices Chef’s services are:

- tyhy-leisure day events for businesses
- professional spice training for gastronomy students and restaurant chefs
- catering
- home cooking courses for families and hobby groups
- tropical banana leaf meal experience

Spices Chef has now made placing an order easy with an online reservation system. You can find it easily in the index list on your left. Welcome to make a reservation !

A final note. Spices Chef is based in Joensuu. Its services are mobile and can be organized in Joensuu as well as in other parts of Finland.

At your service,

Spices Chef
Pramod Jayaprakash

Company ID: 2598327-7