Spices Chef delivers sustainable food innovations

The first brand in Finland to pack organic vegan foods in plant-based designer cans for home kitchens.
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What makes us different

Most meat-alternative foods in the market are sold as ready-to-eat products. These offerings are convenient, but come with a cost. Have you ever tried making your own healthy and affordable versions of plant-protein burgers, sausages, or pasta or noodle dishes in your home kitchen? If you have, perhaps you needed some help with flavoring your vegan dishes.
Spices Chef offers a range of vegan meat-alternative bouillon powders. These powders can give a chicken, meat, fish, or vegetarian flavor to your home-made vegan dishes. To adjust to your personal tastes, you may also find our chef-quality organic herbs, spices, and local food blends very useful.
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Are you looking for food brands that invest in sustainable packaging solutions, rather than trying to impress with greenwashing? As well as being certified organic, Fairtrade, and vegan, our food products also come in designer containers made of plant-based bioplastic. What we deliver is sustainable packaging that is safe, easy to use, and easy to organize for different types of spice racks and cabinets in home kitchens. Equip your home kitchen with sustainable, beautiful things.

We have a better story to tell

Fairtrade for sustainable change
The Spices Chef brand was established with a vision to actively take part in global food supply chain and food sustainability movements.
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5 Things to know about Spices Chef's spice mills
There is a fascinating development story behind the Spices Chef brand’s spice mills. Some features of the mill are counter-intuitive, yet innovative and responsible.
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Experience sustainability in your home kitchen
Recycling, avoiding food waste, choosing products from brands that care about sustainability... These are some of the ways we can touch and experience sustainability in our daily lives.
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Why organic, Fairtrade and vegan matter

What certification marks mean to us

Labels like Fairtrade and organic are one way to understand a company’s commitment to sustainability. They demonstrate that a food product has been systematically reported and monitored by food authorities and certification bodies.
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Our work and the UN SDGs
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 interlinked goals designed to reduce poverty and other deprivations in a sustainable fashion.
Click below to find out more about the UN SDGs we support through our operations.
UN Global Compact
Since 2016, Spices Chef is proud to be part of the UN Global Compact, a commitment to responsible business.
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About us
We have a better story to tell
Kehittyvä Elintarvike magazine has chosen Spices Chef's packaging design for the cover page.
Spices Chef's fair trade product is mentioned in the picture in the April HINKU theme of the city of Pori, which looks at consumption habits.⁠
The company that produces organic spices believes that consumers also want sustainably produced packaging
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Who we are
Spices Chef is a brand that specializes in sustainable food innovations. The company was created in 2014 with a vision of a better way to do business in the food industry.
What we do
With Spices Chef, you can enjoy organic spice mills, vegan meat alternative bouillon powders, organic and Fairtrade herbs and spices, and gift sets made up of local food innovations. We believe that healthy food can taste good and that reasonably priced products can be of high quality.
Why it matters
The decisions we all make regarding the food we eat, like choosing sustainable products, have the power to contribute to positive socioeconomic changes in the livelihoods of farmers and producers.
We can all think about the bigger picture, make individual choices, be creative, and find our personal tastes. We encourage you to discuss the details behind the food you make and the products you choose.
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